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HVAC & R delivers £500,000 contract for the Middle East

HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering (HVAC & R), part of the Nucore Group, has successfully delivered a £500,000 contract with Hughes Safety Showers Ltd (a Justrite Group company) to design, manufacture and supply 50 water tank chiller units for projects in the Middle East. The tank shower chiller units are from the firms Hazcool® range of equipment, designed and manufactured specifically for hazardous areas and are ATEX compliant. Designed to provide cooling to a water/fluid system as a one piece, pre-charged, pre-commissioned, ready to run packaged unit, they eliminate the need for specialist refrigeration installation services on-site. The units are specifically designed for operation in explosive atmospheres (Zone 1, Zone 2) within the onshore, offshore, marine and petrochemical industries.

Ideal for the harsh environments in the Middle East, Africa and surrounding areas, the water chiller units can maintain stored water temperature within specification and are compliant with regulations in operating environments up to +60°C.

Shaun Struthers, Products Director at HVAC & R said: “We have taken time to evolve this particular product from our original design in 2009, taking into consideration the market challenges and constraints and have refined the solution to deliver a product which is efficient, reliable and safe for clients operating in harsh climates. We’re pleased to be supporting Hughes Safety Showers in bringing this solution to their customers in the Middle East region.”

Simon Ingham, Head of Sales at Hughes Safety Showers said: “We required a particular solution that would meet strict temperature control specifications whilst operating in locations with high ambient temperatures and demanding environments, and often limited on-site utilities. HVAC & R has worked with us to develop their product which now enables us to overcome the environmental challenges and meet the needs of our clients. We’ve been impressed with both the end product and service and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with HVAC & R.”

HVAC & R, headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland is a leading provider of business critical and bespoke engineering solutions; primarily to the oil and gas, marine and petrochemical sectors. Part of the Nucore Group, it operates internationally with customers in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea, Central Europe, Africa and the Americas.

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