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Oil & Gas

There are few environments more challenging than an offshore oil and gas platform.

Working amidst hazardous areas, corrosive chemicals and space restraints, each offshore oil and gas application provides unique HVAC challenges and opportunities.

Through clear communication, timely support and reliable products we have built a portfolio of customers who look to us for their HVAC needs. We know the pressure operators are under to ensure the health and safety of personnel as well as the care and life cycle of equipment.

Whether designing a new system or servicing existing equipment we can engineer in-depth or scaled-back solutions, depending on budget and application. Upon inspection or maintenance, our Engineers ensure your documentation is compliant with current regulations.

Oil & Gas Services

Whether designing and installing a new system or servicing an existing one, we tailor solutions to your budget and application.

Oil & Gas Products

Our temperature control products can be customised for either hazardous or non-hazardous environments. Manufactured according to ATEX directives and international standards, each product is designed for easy installation and control.

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