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Commissioning and Re-balancing

HVAC commissioning and re-balancing allows systems to achieve their designed performance. Our engineers are trained in all areas of commissioning to ensure service is completed to the highest standards.

As ventilation systems supply air to accommodation units and other populated areas, they are a main source of fresh air for personnel. Through mechanical completion checks, an engineer can ensure correct module pressurisation and volume of fresh air to each cabin. Our engineers and technicians are trained through the Commissioning Specialists Association to carryout commissioning and re-balancing exercises.

In addition to delivering comprehensive packages, our team evaluates drawings to ensure correct and efficient design - maximising resources offshore. We maintain and address any challenges an ageing system may face including leaks or corrosion. After the service clients receive as-built drawings detailing air and water flows and highlighting any deviations to design.

Commissioning and Re-balancing

Commissioning Services

  • Ventilation systems (including air balancing)
  • Air handling units (AHU)
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Control panels
  1. Previous Audit and Inspection
  2. Next Equipment & Spares

Additional Services

We offer niche HVAC support.

We offer niche HVAC support.

Whether designing a new system or maintaining an existing one, we have you covered. As leaders in our industry, we provide niche expertise to give clients peace of mind.